Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: Fossil Metal Watch in Pink

I have been trying to find a pink metal watch for a long time, but I couldn’t find one that would fit my small wrist and I couldn’t find one with a Modern-Vintage look.

But now, thanks to Fossil I have found the perfect metal watch for me! The people at Fossil were so generous that they sent me a free metal watch in pink, exactly the one I wanted!

Its sleek and elegant look fits perfectly in with my clothing and accessories and it makes every outfit of mine complete and stylish.

But now here are a few more details regarding the Fossil watch:

-The watch strap is made of polished steel and the watch features an oval dial in pink

-Watch barrel: 28mm x 24mm

-Mineral glass

-Quartz movement

-Waterproof as far as 5 ATM

-Fossil Adjust-o-matic-band

-Comes with a stylish Fossil watch case

-Has a 2 year warranty

Aren’t these great features? Fossil watches are known for their durability and quality and for their great looks.

But my new pink watch doesn’t only look great; it also feels great when you put it on. Furthermore, I love the fact that it has an Adjust-o-matic-band. That way it can fit my small wrist without any problem. Another positive aspect regarding this metal watch is the fact that the price is really affordable as it only costs around 70 €. Given the fact that it’s a Fossil watch and pretty sturdy, I would say that the price is reasonable.

All in all I must say that I love my new watch and I am happy that I have finally found one that fits my taste (and my wrist)!

For more information on this pink Fossil watch (ES2513), please click here.

Note: I would like to thank the Fossil team for sending me this lovely watch for free!



  1. Tolle Uhr. Ja, hast Recht. Die Fossil Uhren sind echt schön. Aber die haben auch tolle Taschen:)

  2. Nice watch. I really like it. Thanks for the review. I will check out their site.

  3. Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Ist eine tolle Uhr. Hab selbst eine Fossil Uhr.

  4. What a great watch. Enjoy.

  5. Ich habe gerade dein Blog entdeckt weil ich auf der Suche nach einer pinken Uhr war und ich bin so froh, dass ich deine Seite entdeckt habe, weil du über tolle Sachen berichtest. Ich werde mir sofort die Fossil Website angucken. Danke.

  6. Nice piece you have shared. I like the dial most. I am lover of straps watches , but this one is also cool. This type of watches are for causal dressing, parties and special occasions.
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