Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If I shall ever win the lottery (aka, Valentino, I'm coming)...

…I know how I am going to spend the first thousands-I will spend the money on beautiful things. Well, of course not all the money, but a part of it. What girl doesn’t dream of entering a store and buying everything she likes without having to look at the price tags?

So if I were to win the lottery, I would pay Valentino a visit. Yes, the famous designer with his beautiful Haute Couture, his wonderful shoes and bag collections. I just love his dresses, especially the romantic pink ones (if you follow my blog then you know about my pink obsession). And I also love the gorgeous pink shoes and the pink Valentino bags.

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy them now, so I have to wait until I win the lottery. In case that never happens, I can only dream about possessing such wonderful and glamorous things. Or I can try to find similar things that don’t cost a fortune.

So what about you? If you win the lottery, what will you buy?


Photo credit: Google Images


  1. Just lovely. If I win the lottery, I will also go on a big shopping tour. But I would also save a part of the money.

  2. Nur beim Anblick dieser tollen Sachen läuft mir das Wasser aus dem Mund...Wie du liebe ich die Farbe Rosa und liebe Haute Couture. Leider kann man sich das als Normalsterblicher nicht leisten. Wenn man aber ein Star ist, dann bekommt man all diese Dinge um sonst.

    PS - habe dein Blog entdeckt und mag ihn sehr. Weiter so!

  3. So pretty. Especially the bags and shoes! I just fell in love!
    If I win the lottery, I would probably go on a travel around the world and visit all the known as well as insider fashion capitals of the world and check out some of the latest finds. Maybe I would visit some high end vintage stores and finally fill my cravings for 50s vintage clothes.
    Saving some of the money and starting my own business would be the longterm idea.

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